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Claudia Pastorino

Born in Genoa, where she lives, Claudia Pastorino is a highly gifted Italian singer; besides being a superb interpreter of national and international standards, she is also a talented composer. The rare sensitiveness of her own songs can be appreciated by listening to her three CDs (recorded in the Italian language):

Claudia Pastorino is also a writer; her first book, "La centratura del Tao", has been published in June 2000.

Since 1983, Claudia is an activist of the Animals Rights and Welfare, and she spreads Vegetarism and Vegan way of life.

In 2000, she published the poetry sylloge "INTERLUDIO" (Edition Tigullio-Bacherontius).

In the last few years, Claudia dedicated herself to the learning of the Jainism Doctrine and she translated the "SAMAN SUTTAM, the Jainism Basis, the most ancient Doctrine of the Non-violence" (may 2001, Collection "Uomini e Religioni" Edition Arnoldo Mondadori).

On june 2002 Claudia publish "Il Jainismo, la più antica Dottrina della Nonviolenza, della Compassione e dell'Ecologia" for Edizioni Cosmopolis (link), containing the italian translation of "The Book of Compassion".

You can write to her by sending a message to the e-mail address of her office, which is: